Participants will have the option to submit their papers to a dedicated volume in “Microgravity Science & Technology”.

  • All papers presented at the joint ISPS & ELGRA conference may be submitted to the Microgravity Science and Technology (MST) Journal.
  • The submission will be via a specific “ISPS/ELGRA “ link on the website of the Journal. This link is expected to be open on the MST Journal website around mid-September.
  • Authors may submit their papers as soon as the MST Journal website opens their “ISPS/ELGRA“ link.
  • Submission is optional.
  • Microgravity Science and Technology Journal website:
  • The final deadline for submission is for 31 December 2017. (n.b. Depending on circumstances this deadline could be extended).  
  • For  the initial review process only a “pdf” file is required. At the next step the final paper should be submitted following the detailed instructions of the journal on its website.
  • The manuscripts will go through a peer- review process.
  • As soon as a paper is accepted, it will be published on-line and can be cited by its DOI number.
  • The hard copy of the journal will be issued later and all the papers of the “ISPS/ELGRA “ Symposium will be in the same issue.
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