Research topics include :

Physical Sciences

  • Ultra-precise cold atom sensors, quantum information and high energy particles
  • Soft of complex matter
  • Boiling, evaporation and heat transfer
  • Advanced material processing

  • Astrobiology
  • Biology under non-earth gravity conditions
  • Supporting life in hostile environments

Human Research
  • The Human body under space conditions: adaptations and countermeasures
  • Psychological and neurosensory adaptations to reduced gravity, isolation and confinement

Interdisciplinary or curiosity-driven projects
  • Cosmic Radiation Risks for Human Exploration of the Solar System
  • Energy storage
  • Fire safety
  • Cardiovascular fluid physics
  • Hibernation and torpor

Instrumentation for experiments in space and microgravity platforms

This conference gives a special focus on  "interdisciplinarity" between Life and Physical Sciences. We would like to encourage presentations in the such fields, for example:

- Cell mechanobiology
- Bone and piezoelectric effect in weightlessness
- Magnetic fields: unloading condition model and biological effects
- Wound healing in unloading conditions, tensile stress and tissue hydration
- Body fluids and fluid dynamics in hypo- and hypergravity
- Central nervous system and electric phenomena in microgravity
- Muscle atrophy and contractile force
- Filtration pressure and renal function in weightlessness

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