Nelson Fonseca, Antenna and Sub-Millimetre Wave Section (TEC-EFA)

Steering Committee 
Andres Grop, ISS System Development Unit (HRE-IDS)
Michael Harverson, Payload Technologies and Products Section (TIA-TTP)
Xavier Lefort, VEGA LS Avionics, GNC & Flight SW Management Section (LAU-DVA)
Salvador Marti, Systems and Project Support Section (OPS-GSY)
Roberto Prieto Cerdeira, GNSS Evolution Programme Implementation Office (NAV-PFS)
Brian Shortt, Payload Technology Validation Section (SCI-FT)
Massimiliano Simeoni, Ground and User Segment Technologies and Products Section (TIA-TTG)
Martin Suess, Microwave Instruments Section (EOP-PIM)

Technical Programme Committee
Eric Amyotte, MDA Corporation (Canada)
Jean Christophe Angevain, European Space Agency/Estec (The Netherlands)
Hervé Aubert, LAAS – CNRS (France)
Anthony Bellion, CNES (France)
Giuliano Canovai, European Space Agency/Estec (The Netherlands)
Jérome Colinas, Canadian Space Agency (Canada)
Jorge Costa, ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal) 
Laurent Costes, Airbus Defence and Space (France)
Leri Datashvilli, LSS (Germany)
Carlos A. Fernandes, Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)
Lars J. Foged, Microwave Vision (Italy)
George Goussetis, Herriot Watt University (United Kingdom)
Jessica Grenouilleau, European Space Agency/Estec (The Netherlands)
Aleix Hernandez, European Space Agency/Esrin (Italy)
Joakim Johansson, RUAG Space (Sweden)
Erik Jørgensen, TICRA (Denmark)
Hans Kristian Kofod, Gomspace (Denmark)
Jean-Jacques Laurin, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Canada)
Hervé Legay, Thales Alenia Space (France)
Rob Lewis, BAE Systems (United Kingdom)
Philippe Loiselle, MDA Corporation (Canada)
Cyril Mangenot, European Space Agency/Estec (The Netherlands)
Marta Martinez Vazquez, IMST (Germany)
Rolv Midthassel, European Space Agency/Estec (The Netherlands)
Roberto Mizzoni, Thales Alenia Space (Italy)
Gerald Moernaut, Orban Microwave Products (Belgium)
Stefania Monni, TNO (Netherlands)
José M. Montero, TRYO Aerospace (Spain)
Carlos Montesano, Airbus Defence and Space (Spain)
Alberto Pellón, TTI (Spain)
Ernst Pfeiffer, HPS (Germany)
Oscar Quevedo Teruel, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Eva Rajo Iglesias, University Carlos III Madrid (Spain)
Lino Russo, Space Engineering (Italy)
Michael Schneider, Airbus Defence and Space (Germany)
Giovanni Toso, European Space Agency/Estec (The Netherlands)
Stefano Vaccaro, Viasat (Switzerland)
Siegfried Voigt, DLR (Germany)
Eric Vourch, Thales Alenia Space (France)
Rainer Wansch , Fraunhofer Institute (Germany)

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