Topics of Interest 

Abstracts of original papers are solicited for inclusion in the workshop program. The abstract, which shall not exceed one page, shall clearly identify the object of the proposed paper and highlight the underlying advances, recent developments and innovation.

When submitting an abstract, authors are invited to identify a relevant application (category A) and expertise (category E) domain among the following non-exhaustive list:

A1 – Earth Observation
A2 – Exploration
A3 – Ground Stations
A4 – Launchers
A5 – Navigation
A6 – Science
A7 – Telecommunications (ground segment)
A8 – Telecommunications (space segment)
A9 – Other application domains

E1 – Adaptive and reconfigurable antennas
E2 – Antenna interactions and coupling analysis
E3 – Antenna RF testing and material characterization
E4 – Antenna systems and architectures
E5 – Enabling technologies, materials and processes
E6 – Frequency and polarisation selective surfaces 
E7 – Deployable antennas
E8 – Lenses and radomes
E9 – Multiband antennas
E10 – Multiple beam antennas
E11 – Numerical and optimization methods in antenna design
E12 – Reflectarrays and transmit arrays
E13 – Reflector, feed systems and components
E14 – Sub-millimetre wave and Terahertz antennas
E15 – Wearable antennas 
E16 – Other expertise domains

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