The ESLAB Symposium 2017 will convene researchers from all over the world who work on interdisciplinary aspects in the fields of extreme habitability on Earth, the solar system and throughout the universe. They will report on research findings and plan future endeavours. Contributions are planned as keynote (invited) talks, oral and poster presentations, interactive presentations and debates. The theme for ESLAB  2017 is "Extreme Habitable Worlds". The symposium will address topics such as:

  • Venus, Earth, and Mars —the first 500 million years
  • Planetary habitability processes: accretion, evolution, impacts, ingredients
  • Evolution of habitability and settings for origins of  life at Earth
  • Earth extreme habitats: natural (surface and subsurface), artificial and sustainable
  • Life support systems in Earth extreme places and in orbit, human spaceflight
  • Making the Moon habitable
  • Mars past, current , and future habitability
  • Asteroids and small bodies habitats
  • Outer solar system: Sub-surface Habitability at icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Effects of space weather and Astrophysical hazards
  • Planetary protection and measuring extreme biomarkers
  • Stellar, interstellar and interplanetary ingredients for extreme habitability
  • Engineering of travel to and exploration of Extreme Habitable Worlds
  • Finding and Characterising Habitable Exoplanets: Proxima Centauri, Trappist1 and beyond
  • Galactic and Extragalactic Habitability
  • Education, outreach, societal, philosophical & artistic views on "Extreme Habitable Worlds"
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