Last modified: 26 June 2013 


The first step is to sit down together and talk about your event. During this meeting you will be able to describe the requirements of the event, but also your wishes for the event. We can offer advice based on the past 20 years of experience in organizing conferences for ESA.

Once we have a complete picture of what the event will require we will be able to draw up a budget and an event plan. The event budget is a crucial part of the planning of the event, as the approval of the budget is the first requirement which must be fulfilled before the ECB staff can start to work on the event.

What type of event is your conference?

The determination of an event type is based on the location (ESA facility or independent venue) and the anticipated number of participants. Below is a quick guide to the types of events as per the current contract ATPI Corporate Events holds with ESA for the ECB.

Type 1a: Executive ESA Meetings: Representatives of the Member States and Agency staff attend these high-level meetings where decisions crucial to the Agency’s operation are taken. These meetings are generally held at ESA Establishments and have up to 50 participants.     

Type 1b: Small basic events: These are mainly meetings, presentations, very small workshops with invited speakers only, at ESA premises. These meetings have up to 50 pax, and only ESA services involved, duration no more than 2 days.      

Type 2: Small Events: These events are related to a specific technical, scientific or administrative domain. They may be organised jointly with external organisations, but are usually held at ESA Establishments. They can be workshops, as well as final study presentations and courses and have up to 100 participants. Registration fees may or may not be charged.         

Type 3: Large Events: These events are usually conferences addressing a wide variety of subjects, and attract participants from several countries within and beyond Europe. Registration fees are generally charged. Occasionally, the Agency organises these events in cooperation with other public and/or private organisations. These events are held at ESA Establishments, frequently at ESTEC and ESRIN, or at external venues and have between 100 and 400 participants.          

Type 4: Special Events: all events that don't fall in the categories mentioned above


Our Services

The ECB can manage any event from beginning to end, anywhere in the world, allowing the organiser to concentrate on the essence of the event, the scientific content and the contributions of the members of its immediate community. 

We offer a wide range of services such as: 

- abstract and registration management software
- in-house venue sourcing
- association management
- marketing and communications support
- travel and accommodation services

The ECB delivers services for the support of ESA events via a two part structure. There are a set of tasks which fall under the fixed management fee charged per event. There are also additional services which can be booked per event, and are charged at separate rates.

Management Fee Tasks (T.1 - T.17 fall under one fixed fee):

T.1. Event time line
T.2. Event plan
T.3. Request for ESA site services
T.4. Clearance for events hosted on ESA sites
T.5. Security clearance for list of participants
T.6. Management of lunch break at ESA sites
T.7. Checking of facilities, equipment and services
T.8. Event safety briefing
T.9. Event report
T.10. Event budget
T.11. Dedicated Bank account
T.12. Additional expenditure amendment
T.13. Execution of payments, invoice processing
T.14. Collection of subsidies and other contributions
T.15. Final account
T.16. Invoicing for event expenditure and management fee
T.17. ESA Organiser feedback

Services (each service is charged separately in addition to the Management Fee):

S.1 Booking of venue / meeting rooms
S.2 Announcements
S.3 Event programme
S.4 Information to participants
S.5 Direct hotel booking
S.6 Hotel booking via ESA travel office
S.7 Website
S.8 Registration handling
S.9 Coordination of exhibition
S.10 Transportation
S.11 Organisation of social activities
S.12 Event information package
S.13 Reception and event registration
S.14 Scientific programme management with or without proceedings
S.15 Distribution of proceedings
S.16 VISA clearance
S.17 Invited participants
S.18 Sponsorship management
S.19 Event Survey Service
S.20 IEEE Proceedings Administration

Would you like to discuss your event?

Our doors are always open.  If you have questions about a potential new event, you can always drop in and ask one of the ECB team members. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our offices at ESTEC, or in ESRIN.